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Character Education

Posted on: August 17, 2016


How Does Our Community View Character Education?
Our goal is to get every parent, student, community member, and staff to understand the importance of character education and help to incorporate the vocabulary into their daily discussions.
To begin this process, families were given a survey at our Back to School Fest to see how character education is currently viewed in the community.
92% of the people who took the survey believe character education is important at Three Rivers. 3% believe it is not of key importance.
88% of people believe TRLSD currently supports character building in a satisfactory way. 3% believe we have room to grow.
88% also feel that character education impacts student behavior at school and within the community. Less than 3% do not believe it has an impact.
87% of the survey population believe character education can have a positive impact on discipline. 5% do not see the correlation.  
97% of the respondents believe that recognizing good character education in our students is important. Less than 2% agree. 
87% feel TRLSD has adequate opportunities for students to participate in community service projects. 11% feel there is room for more opportunities.

The TRLSD Character Team will continue to work to improve our character programs, as studies show it can have a positive impact on test scores and attendance. 


Three Rivers Elementary and Taylor Middle School Character Education Program:
Grades pk-8 use the Character Council of Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky's program to focus on monthly words that promote good character in order to improve the lives of residents and enrich the spirit of the community (Character Council of Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky).
Click HERE to follow the program and see what word we're focusing on this month. 

Taylor High School Character Education Program:
This year, Taylor High School will be piloting a new character education program called BE BOLD (Be, Overcome, Learn, Do). This curriculum will include many topics that are important in the social and emotional health of our students. 
To see the different topics included in the curriculum, click HERE.

On Tuesday, August 23, our school will have our Character Education Kickoff for our middle school and high school students. Our main speaker will be Ms. Deondra Parks, USAF. Our hope is that her powerful message of rigor, perseverance, and love will inspire our students to develop character traits that will last a lifetime.