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Welcome to Our New Website!

Posted on: June 28, 2016
Tags: Welcome

Welcome to the new Three Rivers Local School District's website! Thanks to your input on the survey; we're excited to show off our easy-to-use website.  The survey indicated some crucial changes were necessary for you to better navigate our website. Here are the results we used to build a website based on your needs:

Question 1: My main purpose for visiting the website is....

31.5% use it to view calendars; 28.3% use it to read about district news; 15.2% use it to find contact information; 13% use it to find forms; 12% use it for other purposes. 

Question 2: My favorite thing about the current website is...

The majority of users like the Progress Book link, available calendars, and the fact that it's divided by school.

Question 3: What I dislike the most about the current website is...

Most of the users do not like how cluttered it is, they find the staff directory difficult to use, and it is not easy to navigate. 

Question 4: What I would most like to see on the new website is...

Many respondents want better organization, more employee information, easier navigation, and a tab for forms.

Question 5: If the website is user friendly, I intend to utilize it for (check all that apply)...

89% answered that they intend to use it for viewing the calendar; 84.6% will use it for district news/updates; 80.2% will use it for forms; 78% will use it for finding staff and building contact information. 

The results of this survey helped to lay the foundation for the new website. Every page was built with your answers in mind. We hope that you find the site meets your expectations. 

All student forms are located on the "Student Forms" page, which is accessed via the link at the top right of the page. You can easily find contact information for staff using the "Directory" page or get directions to a school using our "Contact/Directions" page. 

When navigating the Google calendars, you can choose which school you would like to view. To do so, click on the arrow at the top right of the calendar section and check the boxes next to each calendar you would like to view. 

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns with the new site, please email the Director of Communication, Lisa Whiteley at

We hope you love our brand new website as much as we do!