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Mother's Day Tea

Posted on: May 7, 2021

Many know that 3rd grade Mother's Day Tea is a tradition that has been kept for many years at Three Rivers. However, few know how it all began. Recently, former teacher, Susan Thomson took the time to write about The Untold Tale of the Mother's Day Tea.

In the book, Mrs. Thomson explains that while at Miami Heights, students in third grade began writing prompts in May that had students reflect on the progress they had made throughout the year. Because the writing process was time-consuming and strenuous, after students completed their work, they were able to work on a garden. The indoor gardens were the size of the students' desks and contained miniature decorations and real flowers. Since this work coincided with spring, moms were invited to the school for what was then called the Third Grade Garden Party to celebrate Mother's Day. During the event, students read their compositions and explained how their garden was made. When all students had an opportunity to share, everyone would go out to the garden tent to enjoy cookies with tea and a square dance. This event then grew to be called Mother's Day Tea.

Some traditions have changed through the years, but Mother's Day Tea still occurs annually. Although this year's celebration is not in-person, the staff has worked hard to ensure as much of its tradition is carried on nonetheless. 

Three Rivers greatly appreciates the time and detail Mrs. Thomson put into the explanation of how this wonderful event began. She ended her book by stating, "Wishing all the Three Rivers students and moms continued enjoyment at The Mother's Day Tea. May you cherish it every bit as much as those who first celebrated The Garden Party long, long ago!"

On behalf of Three Rivers Local School District, we wish ALL of our moms in the school and community a very happy Mother's Day.