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Posted on: December 14, 2018

Senior students in the Teaching Professions Academy (TPA) have been working with middle school students to educate them on drug, alcohol, and tobacco use and abuse.  Mrs. Nancy Flickinger, the Teaching Professions instructor, wrote a grant through Hamilton County Health to provide supplies needed for her students to plan and teach lessons about drug, alcohol, and tobacco use.  Grades five and six learned about tobacco and tobacco-less products.  Grades seven and eight learned about drug and alcohol use. 

Students in TPA attended two training sessions to help them plan three lessons.  The seniors worked in teams to teach the lessons in Mrs. Davey, Mrs. Kemme, Mr. Wilson, and Mr. Kestner’s classrooms.  The lessons included pre and post-tests, Google slides, Kahoot! and Jeopardy review games, and culminated in the creation of posters for grade-level contests.   In addition, students worked with two consultants to craft lessons that were up-to-date with the latest research on drugs, alcohol, and tobacco.

Students who won the grade-level poster contest won a $25.00 gift card to Skyline.  The winners were announced on Friday, December 7:  Grade Five, Rebecca Davis and Rylee Hall, Grade Six, Chris Cowans, Grade Seven, Madison Ochs, and Grade Eight, Syndle Walton.   

Future activities for the TPA seniors include:  educating the staff on the use of Juul’s; working with the special needs students to help them understand about drug, alcohol, and tobacco use; presenting at the school board meeting in January; and following up in the spring with a presentation on the misuse of prescription medications.