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Destination Imagination - State Bound!

Posted on: March 4, 2019
Congratulations to ALL of our Destination Imagination teams!  
The 4th-grade Phone Seekers and 6th grade FIT teams did a great job with their performances!  They had some tough competition in these challenges, but everyone did an awesome job!
The 5th-grade team Video Reboot and 6th grade Candy for Cans both placed second in their categories. These teams just missed qualifying for the state tournament.
STATE BOUND!!  Five Three Rivers teams qualified for the state tournament!  This ties a Three Rivers record for the DI regional tournament as the most teams qualifying for state!
The 3rd-grade team, The Boneys, created a monster out of bones and delivered a wonderful performance in the engineering challenge.  Their structure weighed just 23 grams and held over 200 pounds. Their second place finish in this popular challenge earned them a qualifying spot in the state tournament!
Three of our teams placed FIRST in their challenges and also earned a spot in the state tournament!  
The 4th grade Science team placed first with their creative "Red Egg Disease" skit, where the chickens and farmers had symptoms of acid reflux and chicken pox.
The 5th-grade Engineering team did a great job with their props, technical special effect, sets, and story about a "cereal" monster who turned people into spoons.  A milk fountain that really works turns the monster back into a scientist.  This team also earned the prestigious Da Vinci award, too, with their technical innovation and creative story idea!
The 6th-grade Improv team delivered an amazing performance with improv elements, such as the story idea, a flip in the story, and two researchers.  They also have to go from comedy to tragedy and verbal to nonverbal in the same performance!
The 6th-grade technical team placed first by creating a drone that drops payloads in a target area.  Their story about aliens, researchers, and scientists coming together in a location called Area 52 is a great story that incorporated all of the humans coming together to help the aliens.  
The state tournament will be held on March 30th at Beaver Local SD in northeast Ohio.