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Posted on: March 15, 2018
Brenden Seibert
My son, Brenden Seibert, graduated in 2017 from Taylor High School. Following his graduation, he was accepted to the University of Kentucky with a 4-year scholarship through the Army ROTC. He recently completed the pre-nursing program and was accepted into the nursing school. Brenden also became a member of the Pershing Rifles; a very prestigious military organization on campus. This program is designed to break you down mentally and physically, as a result, only the truly dedicated members are accepted. There were 43 candidates originally, but only 4 were accepted. Brenden is very proud of this. He has had so many leadership and volunteering opportunities with the Pershing Rifles. He will graduate as a 2nd lieutenant and go on to study to be a nurse anesthetist while on duty in the army serving his time as a lieutenant. He plans on doing flight nursing for the military as well. We are so proud of him. 
Attached picture: This a picture of Brenden in his US Army uniform.