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You Be the Chemist

Posted on: February 27, 2019
The 2019 You Be the Chemist top finishers.

On February 26th, Taylor Middle School sent nine students to the You Be the Chemist Competition at Dater Montessori School. 

The Challenge is a multilevel individual competition, that begins with participants completing the Challenge Qualifier at their schools. The Qualifier is a short multiple-choice test provided by CEF and administered by educators. Top Qualifier scorers from each school then advance to the next level of competition a Local or Local-as-State Challenge. (https://www.chemed.org/programs/challenge/)

This year, the Taylor Middle School competitors included eighth-graders Logan Lykins, Nathan Duerk, Katherine Cruze, Zach Brietfelder, JoJo Moeller, Hayden Witterstaeter, and John Hiser; seventh grader Anna Rizzo, and fifth grader Nick Ream. 

Katherine, Nathan, and Logan made it to the semifinal round. Logan Lykins also made it to the final round.