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Stock Market Game

Posted on: April 26, 2021
sock market game finalists

Students in Mrs. Henderson and Farris' 6th grade APT and Math enrichment classes engaged in a Sock Market Game where students actively participated in stock exchange using best practices from an expert. Mr. McManus and Mr. Giesting, parents of Taylor Middle School students, used their knowledge to bring the real-life Stock Market to a middle school game. The Stock Market Game incorporated math, high-level thinking, writing, and research.

 In preparation for the student engagement, Mr. McManus explained a variety of tips and tricks that not only would prepare the students for success in the game at Taylor Middle School, but rather for the real stock market in their adult life. He taught the students to purchase with a diverse mindset; buy from different sectors (technology, pharmaceuticals, manufacture, real estate, entertainment), not just one. Additionally, both parents explained the importance of not putting more than ten percent of money into one particular stock. They introduced the "buy low, sell high" model and urged them to look for "undervalued" stocks when possible. 

 The students were fully engaged and invested in the process as they worked to maneuver the many moving pieces of the stock market. After speaking with Mrs. Henderson and Mrs. Farris at the conclusion of the game, they both reflected by stating, "it was amazing to watch the students work together to research and decide on the stocks they wanted to buy.  Throughout the game, students' engagement and insight often mirrored that of many actual stock market investors."


The Stock Market Game is a simulation activity over the span of ten weeks. Students definitely learned the thrill of a stock going up in value, as well as, the disappointment of a stock losing money. Our teams did exceptionally well this year with several teams taking huge risks with their portfolio. Our highest ranking portfolio was the Stock Market Survivors team, who finished in 6th place out of 130 teams. Their portfolio finished with $106,762.30, a gain of over $6,000! Another team, the Stock-u-lators,  finished in 18th place with a $104,219.35 portfolio. Overall, four out of our seven teams “made” money over the ten weeks. All teams did a wonderful job and learned many things about the stock market!