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Destination Imagination Scores High at Globals

Posted on: June 4, 2018

The 5th-grade Destination Imagination team competed at global finals this year.  Their consistent scores in all of the categories helped them finish in 16th place! This is one of our best Three Rivers finishes with teams from around the globe!

Team members include:

Wiley Glasgow, Adam Hiser, Wes Johnson, and Olivia Doss. Congratulations to the Mischievous Ones!


The 3rd-grade Destination Imagination team competed at global finals over the past week.  They completed their maze, despite a few setbacks. The team performed well in their skit and instant challenge, earning them 46th place among teams from all over the world!  

Team members include Jason McCollum, David Barthelmeh, Kalli Woodrum, Abby Penn, Brandon Gardner, and Vincent Soloria. Congratulations to the Labyrinth Escapers!