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Update - Strategic Plan

Posted on: December 18, 2018

We want to thank everyone who participated in the Strategic Planning Survey and/or the Focus Groups. To date, we have held over ten focus groups that included input from students, parents, staff, community members, business leaders, and key stakeholders. 

We truly appreciate and value everyone's collaborative time and effort. 

As we continue to move through the process, our next step is to take the collective data and information to the Three Rivers Board of Education to identify major themes and goals and use those to begin to construct our objectives for the Strategic Plan.

Once we have identified the objectives, we will then work to declare a final mission and vision statement to capitalize on our core values. District Leadership (teachers and administrators) will then begin the process of writing the plan.

The final step before finalizing our Strategic Plan is to create a draft that will be published on our website, emailed to all parents, and included in the E-News so that all of our stakeholders can provide final input.

Once finalized, we will use the Plan to guide what we do at Three Rivers for the next five years. 

Strategic Plan Timeline