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school fees
Three Rivers Elementary School Fees
Preschool: $85 supply fee
*Monthly tuition might apply. Contact Nancy Herbert for more information (nherbert@trlsd.org)
Grades (K-4): $85.00 supply fee
Taylor Middle School Fees
Grade 5: $73.00 Instructional
Grade 6: $75.00 Instructional
Grade 7: $61.00 Instructional
Band Fee $20.00 Choir $15.00
Grade 8: $61.00 Instructional
(Base- additional costs based on Course Selection)
Band Fee $20.00 Choir $15.00
Spanish 1 $20.00
(receives High School credit)
French 1 $20.00
(receives High School credit)
Art 1 $15.00 (receives High School credit)
School Instrument rental is $50.00.
Taylor High School Fees
Replace Lost Student ID $5.00
Replace Lost Handbook $15.00
Replace Lost Elevator Pass $5.00
Overdue Library Books $.05/day
Lost Library Book Cost of Book
Lost/Damaged Textbook Cost of Book
Student Planner/Handbook and Student ID
(Provides student discount to games)
Technology/Paper Fee/Character Ed $15.00
High School Vehicle Registration $25.00
Work Permit $7.00
Transcript Request $5.00
PreACT Test (9th and 10th grades) $14.00
PSAT Test (11th grade + Honors ELA-10th) $17.00
Naviance for High School (grades 9-12) $15.00
AP Test* Approx. $ 94.00
*All students taking an AP course MUST take the AP Exam in May.
English 9, 10, 11, 12 EC $25.00
English 9, 10, 11, 12 $13.00
English 9, 10, 11, 12 CP $13.00
English 9, 10 Honors $13.00
English 11, 12 AP $13.00+AP Test
Theater Arts $10.00
Young Adult Literature $10.00
Physical Science $10.00
Physical Science CP $10.00
Honors Physical Science $15.00
Biology/Biology CP $15.00
Honors Biology $20.00
AP Biology $43.00+AP Test
Environmental Science $15.00
Environmental Science CP/Honors $15.00
AP Environmental Science $45.00+AP Test
Chemistry/Honors Chemistry $20.00
Anatomy & Physiology/Honors Anat. & Phys. $25.00
Physics/Honors Physics $10.00
Human Genetics/Honors Human Genetics $20.00
Forensic Science/Honors Forensic Science $25.00
French 1 $20.00
French 2 $10.00
French 3 $18.00
French 4 $10.00
French 5 $10.00
Spanish 1 $20.00
Spanish 2 $18.00
Spanish 3 $12.00
Spanish 4 $22.00
AP Spanish $45.00+AP Test
Fundamentals of Information Technology $10.00
Computer Networking $10.00
Fundamentals of Web Development $10.00
Database Management 1 $10.00
Fundamentals of Digital Media $15.00
Principles of Business & Management 1 $17.00
Principles of Business & Management 2 $17.00
Art 1 $15.00
Art 2 $15.00
Advanced Studio $20.00
Ceramics 1 $30.00
Ceramics 2 $30.00
Painting $20.00
Portfolio Prep $20.00
Photoshop 1 & 2 $35.00
Sculpture $20.00
Digital Image Design $35.00
Theater Design $15.00
AP Studio Art $30.00+AP Test
AP Art History $15.00+AP Test
Guitar Class $15.00
Jazz Band $15.00
Men’s Chorus/Women’s Chorus $20.00
Senior Choir/Senior Choir CP/Senior Choir Honors $20.00
Band/Band CP/Honors Band $25.00
+Instrument Rental Fee $50.00
*Additional participation fee of $60.00 for all bands & choirs required
Strength & Fitness $20.00
Individual/Team Sports $20.00
Fitness Walking $30.00
Health $5.00
Living Skills $15.00
Living Skills 2 $15.00
Food and Nutrition $30.00
Food and Nutrition 2 $30.00
Virtual School Tuition – multiple courses
(unlimited-one year)