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What is a gifted student?

Gifted students possess unique learning abilities and talents that require special program services. Giftedness is not a single dimension of ability, but is a multi-dimensional concept; gifted students need direction to recognize their specific abilities and attain maximum development of their talents. Varied teaching strategies and program options in APT will foster a zest for learning through the development of thinking skills, research skills, creativity, and affective skills.

How does a student qualify as "gifted"?

Three Rivers placement into the APT program is based on the following criteria:

  • Grade Level - a student must be in grades 3rd through 6th.

  • State Guidelines - a student must meet Ohio State guidelines for superior cognitive ability.

  • Test Scores - a student achieves a qualifying score on ability and achievement tests, approved as gifted identifiers by the Ohio Department of Education.



APT is an optional enrichment and extension program designed for students.

Program Goals Develop:

  1. Higher-level thinking skill of application, analysis, syntheses, and evaluation

  2. The ability to think logically and critically

  3. A variety of problem-solving skills and processes

  4. Creative thinking skills and processes

  5. Required skills to conduct various types of research resulting in a variety of end  problems

  6. A variety of technology resources to enhance communication

  7. Affective skills related to self and others

  8. A sense of responsibility and pursuit.


Student Objectives:

  • Analyzing information presented

  • Evaluating information using various sets of criteria

  • Distinguishing between facts and inference

  • Identifying relationships that are cause and effect

  • Brainstorming a variety of possible solutions to a given problem

  • Evaluating possible solutions using a set of criteria

  • Accepting creative and unusual thought processes

  • Developing skills of fluency, flexibility, originality, and elaboration

  • Using a variety of methods and resources to locate information for research purposes

  • Creating a variety of end products, which result from the research process

  • Developing and maintaining healthy self-esteem

  • Evaluating personal progress and performance on an ongoing basis




For first semester acceleration, your request form must be submitted by March 15th of the prior school year. 

For second semester acceleration, your request form must be submitted by November 1st of the current school year. 

Testing Windows for Gifted Identification


August 15 - October 15


March 15 - May 15


Destination Imagination

Taylor Middle School has a proud and successful history of participating in Destination Imagination.  Due to COVID 19, the decision has been made to postpone our participation in Destination for the 2020-21 school year.  Please know we are fully committed to this program and look forward to rejoining in the 2021-22 school year. 

Destination Imagination is a global, non-profit volunteer-led educational organization that gives students the chance to learn and experience the creative process from imagination to innovation.  Destination Imagination is for students in grades 3-6. 

Registration:   Our official DI organization is "Three Rivers APT".

TEAM MEETINGS:  The purpose of the meeting is to work on different parts of team projects.

Destination Imagination is a team effort and requires collaboration.  We encourage that collaboration but HIGHLY RECOMMEND that multiple parents help and supervise when you are at someone's home/school.

 Sessions are meaningful and fun, but certainly NOT REQUIRED.  If you have concerns because of a lack of familiarity or any reason, please keep your child at home or accompany them to the team meeting.  The more parents, the merrier!!

Props/Sets/Costumes:  It's important that students work on their team "responsibility." They can certainly ask how to do something, but the FINAL product must be their design and work. Parents and/or older siblings cannot help at all!  (For example, you can teach them how to sew something, but you cannot sew their costume for them)  PLEASE supervise their project for any safety concerns and use safety goggles/gloves/other protective equipment if necessary!