Student Parking


Student parking is a privilege at Taylor High School.  If a student is interested in purchasing a  parking permit, they will need to begin by completing the THS Parking Permit Application for 21-22.  This form will be available here soon!.  

Payment Methods:  Students are able to pay $40 for a parking permit by cash, check (made payable to "Taylor High School"), or EZpay (accessible on our School Website).   Replacement Permits are $5. 

Permits will be assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis to any student who paid via EZpay, prior to August 1.  These permits will begin with spots located closest to the building (excluding Senior Parking). Students paying with cash or check on August 9 & 10 will be assigned permits with remaining available spots. 

Parking Permit Disbursement (During The School Year):  Please stop by the Security Office to obtain your permit.

Parking Permit Disbursement (Beginning Of The Year): Parking permits will be available for pick up on August 9 & 10, from 8:00 am - 2: pm, at the Event Entrance Courtyard. 

Questions?  Please email Nate Cole at or James Holland at


In order to be approved for a parking permit you will need to furnish the following information: 

  1. A Copy Of Your Valid Drivers License.
  2. A Copy Of Your Current Proof of Insurance.
  3. A Copy Of Your EZpay Receipt (if applicable).

Towing at the owner's expense:

  • Parked in a prohibited area, on grass or sidewalks, in a loading zone
  • Parked in a manner dangerous to vehicle or pedestrian traffic
  • Blocking Entrance/Exit to building or field
  • Parked in designated reserved, visitor, or staff parking areas
  • Double Parked
  • In a “Fire Zone”
  • In a handicapped space
  • In any specially designated painted or unpainted area
  • Permit not valid, altered, or improperly affixed
  • Has caused damage to school property
  • Has one or more unanswered traffic warnings (towed on the second violation)
  • Has no license plate