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Work & Volunteer Opportunities


There are many opportunities for students to gain direct experience volunteering and in the work place.  Please see below for the detailed information on these opportunities.

Job Shadowing

As part of the Three Rivers District Career Education Plan, Taylor High School provides students in grades 9–12 the opportunity to participate in a job shadowing experience. Each year, students in grades 9–12 will be given one excused day to shadow a job that aligns with their future career aspirations.

The job shadowing experience provides students with a meaningful introduction to the world of work and provides a context for understanding the relationship and interaction between the academics taught in the classroom and the workplace. The student and their parents or legal guardians are responsible for setting up the job shadowing experience. Appropriate paperwork must be completed before and after the job shadowing day. Job Shadowing days will not be considered an absence unless appropriate paperwork and proper procedures have not been followed. 

Work Permits

If you are under 18 years old and have recently secured a new job, you may be asked to obtain a Worker's Permit. Fill out the top section of the attached form and leave the high school section.  Next, take the form to your employer to complete the bottom section. Once this has been completed, please turn it into Mrs. Rueve in the THS Main Office. There is typically a 24-hour turn around time for this form. 

Work Permit Application