Cultivate Excellence

We believe in the relentless pursuit of our very best in everything we set our hands, hearts and minds toward.

We commit to challenging one another to be better as we strive to give our staff, students, and families the highest quality educational experience possible.

Inspire Innovation

We believe in the creative spark that lives in all of our staff and students.

We will constantly create ways in which that creativity can be used to solve problems for our school, community and our world. It is our job to construct experiences and environments where this creativity can be unearthed and fostered to make the world a better place.

Nurture Inclusion

We believe that every life we touch possesses incredible value and worth.

It is our job to enthusiastically cultivate the diversity of strengths, talents and gifts that every individual in our care possesses no matter what their background, gender, race or belief system.  Everyone is welcome and embraced.