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Building Secretaries     Phone Number
Elementary   513.467.3210
Middle School   513.467.3500
High School   513.467.3200

Volunteers Make a Difference!

Three Rivers Elementary School, Taylor Middle School, and Taylor High School need parents and community members to fill some very important roles in order to help provide the highest level of education to our students. Some of our opportunities do require a background check for the safety and security of all our students. However, some opportunities do not. Please see the list below for any specific requirements that are needed. 

Please call building secretaries to sign up or if you have any questions. Please know that parents, grandparents, or any community members are welcome to volunteer. 

This opportunity is to work with primary students on AR or for full class reading. Our Title I teachers could also use help. (Background Check required)

Duty (playground, cafeteria, arrival, dismissal)
Both the elementary and high school have a need for help in these areas. (Background Check required for playground/cafeteria duty NOT for arrival and dismissal)

Background Check

Background Check for Volunteers
A background check (FBI) is required for all volunteers that will be working with a student one-on-one or with a group of students outside of the direct supervision of the classroom teacher or staff member.

Volunteers directly supervised by a TRLSD staff member are not required to obtain a background check.

Background checks for volunteers are valid for one year only.

What is needed?
Driver’s license/Photo ID must be shown at the time of fingerprinting. You must request a copy of your background report be sent to Three Rivers Schools at 401 N. Miami Avenue, Cleves, OH 45002.

What is a background check? 
What else do I need to know about a background check? 

You may obtain a FBI background check at the following location. 

Green Township License Agency
5694 Harrison Avenue
Cincinnati OH 45248

Find other locations


In-School Volunteer Information Form

Complete and return to the Three Rivers Local Schools District Office, 401 N. Miami Ave, Cleves, OH