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Jacket Cares Initiative



Jacket Cares is a District-wide initiative to meet the needs of all students and families in our Three Rivers Community by providing direct support and resources.  

CLICK HERE to learn more about this initiative. 



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Jacket Cares Board Members

With intentional thought and purpose, the Jacket Cares Team takes into consideration the social, emotional, and physical needs of our students.  

Katie Ryan  THS Counselor  513.467.3200 ext. 1138 
Alex Lippert  TMS Counselor  513.467.3500 ext. 1196 
Tina Cole TRES Counselor  513.467.3210 ext. 1113 
Christina Hughes  Board Member   
Mark Smiley THS Principal  513.467.3200 ext. 1124 
Holly Simms TMS Principal  513.467.3500 ext. 1120 
Megan Rivet  Dir. of Curriculum  513.824.7346 
Lisa Whiteley Dir. of Communication  513.824.7348 
Beth Jackson TRES Assistant Principal 513.467.3210 ext. 1114

CLICK HERE or scan the QR code below to donate to Jacket Cares. Have questions? Please feel feel to reach out to anyone listed on the Board (above) and we will gladly help.

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