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Reminder: 1st Semester exams are quickly approaching!

All students will take 1st-semester exams prior to winter break. These exams count for 20% of the semester grade and we felt as though giving exams before the break is more beneficial to students, modeling what they will experience post high school.

Students must have a doctor’s note to have an excused absence from any exam period. Students should return with their doctor’s note and make arrangements with their teacher to complete the missed exam during the scheduled makeup time on Wednesday, December 19th. If your child has a study hall they are not required to report to school for that designated bell exam. If they would like to come in early to study in the library, please do so. For example, your child has 3rd bell study hall, they would report to their 4th bell exam classroom. Please have them arrive during break time.

1st Semester Bell Exams: December 2018

Exam Days

December 14, Bell 1 and 2

December 17, Bell 3 and 4

December 18, Bell 5 and 6

December 19, Bell 7 and Make-Ups

Exam Schedule

1st Exam Study Period 8:10-8:30

1st Exam 8:30-10:30

Break 10:30-10:40

2nd Exam Study Period 10:40-11:00

2nd Exam Period 11:00-1:00

Optional Lunch 1:00-1:30