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Three Rivers Community strongly believes in providing our students with access to athletics.  If you are interested in playing, Three Rives Athletic Association was created for students pre-school age to 6th grade.   At that time, student athletes enter Taylor High School and are eligible to compete as a Taylor Yellow Jacket Athlete in the following Sports.

Boys Athletics      
 Fall:  Cross Country 7-12  Football 7-12
   Soccer 7-12  Golf 7-12
 Winter:  Basketball 7-12  Bowling 9-12
   Swim 7-12  Wrestling 7-12
 Spring:  Baseball 9-12  Tennis 9-12
   Lacrosse 9-12  
   Track 7-12  
 Girls Athletics    
 Fall: Cheerleading 7-12   Cross Country 7-12
   Golf 7-12  Soccer 7-12 
   Volleyball 7-12  Tennis 9-12
 Winter:  Cheerleading 7-12  Basketball 7-12
   Swim 7-12  
 Spring:     Softball 9-12  Track 7-12